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Cavities - A Cavity develops when a tooth or part of the tooth gets infected with bacteria and breaks down.It develops a hole that can grow bigger and deeper as it progresses.

Treatment of Cavities- Early Detection and Treatment:
When you gets a pain in the tooth or jaw or an ear ache , or throbbing in the mouth, it is generally due to a cavity. For immediate relief , a pain killer can be given after consulting with the dentist. Next a dental appointment must be fixed . The dentist will examine the tooth to check if there is a cavity.A radiograph may be needed to identify the cavity . Once the reason for pain is confirmed , treatment can be done. Restoration or Filling:- A radiograph shows the complete extent and location of the cavity .The dentist will fix tooth decay by removing the rotted part of the tooth with a drill and then filling the hole in the tooth with a special filling material . the material could be a resin or a combination depending on which tooth has the cavity . So the choice is between :

1) Glass Ionomer Filling Matierals
2) Composites
3) Silver Amalgam
4) Inlay